CLIPSO® ceiling and wall coverings provide high-end visual and acoustic solutions for any interior.

CLIPSO 495 D and 705 A Acoustic coverings are highly micro-perforated, allowing for an excellent level of acoustic performance. When they are combined with an acoustical batting, NRC’s (Noise Reduction Coefficients) can reach 1.05.

The Acoustic 495 D covering can be coated with stock or custom colours. Additionally we offer printing, available with high-resolution digital, stock or custom images. Stretch fabric is also commonly used as ceiling tiles, or to achieve cloud-like effects.

CLIPSO Acoustic wide-span coverings are available in various widths, ranging from 2 to 5.1m. They can be cut to length, and the roll is 50m long.

Three standard colours of the stretch fabrics are available: white, beige and black, and an additional palette of 20 subtle earth tones can be used. A white translucent option has recently become available, called the Acoustic Translucent 495 AT.