Project Description

Modex is the RPG range of dedicated Bass Traps and panels.

RPG Modex Plate and Broadband are high efficiency bass traps, designed to perform even with a shallow wall profile.

Plate operates from 50hz—500hz
Plate type 2 operates 35hz—500hz
Broadband operates 50hz—5000hz

Modex is available as white units as standard. Furthermore, we can offer a fabric covered option, providing a wider range of design options. Likewise, Modex can be installed behind a stretch fabric lining system.

The Modex™ Broadband is absorptive starting at 50Hz, in order to balance modal distributions and likewise continue up through the mid and high frequencies. A damped plate mechanism is able to offer bass control over several octaves, while secondary porous layers take care of the mid and high frequencies.

The Modex Broadbands are absorptive beginning at 50Hz and continue to be absorptive up through the mid and high frequencies. Also, a damped plate mechanism offers bass control over several octaves. Consequently, secondary porous layers take care of the mid and high frequencies.

The Modex Plates are dedicated, broadband, low frequency sound absorbers. They have been designed to balance the modal distribution of small rooms such as studio control rooms and home theaters. Because of the damped plate mechanism, bass control over several octaves is offered while not contributing to mid or high frequency absorption.

As standard, The Modex™ Broadbands comes in a white, powder coated finish. Additionally, at customers request we can paint it to match a colour specification, or wrap in any acoustically transparent fabric.

1000 x 1500 x 110

Fabric Choices:
Unit has white perforated metal face as standard
Cara, Lucia or Expo Felt
Other fabrics & printing available


Modex is quick and easy to install.

The brackets we provide allow for hanging on a wall or ceiling surface. Alternatively, installers can use an aluminium angle for ceiling mounting.

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