Project Description

The Modex Module & Corner is a low frequency membrane sound absorber.

Designed to fine tune the modal distribution in small rooms such as a studio control or music listening room. Because of this requirement, the tuning frequencies available for Modex Module are 40, 50, 63, 80, 100 and 125Hz. The units are designed to cover about 1/3 octave above and below the tuning frequency.

Modex Module is ideal in use for home Theaters and Dedicated Listening Rooms, which often exhibit poor low frequency response with significant emphasis at modal resonances.

This is especially true when they are sonically well isolated, due to massive boundary construction.Furthermore, porous surface absorption is ineffective at these long wavelengths, resulting in very low absorption efficiency. Becuase of this, RPG developed a unique membrane system that converts the high sound pressure fluctuations typically found where room surfaces meet into selective absorption in the modal frequency range. Likewise, the wall and ceiling application also makes it ideal for use behind stretch fabric and integrated into soffited areas.


Small rooms like Home Theaters and Dedicated Listening Rooms often suffer from low frequency modal problems. Absorption at these frequencies requires a high absorption efficiency and significant surface area. Since small rooms do not offer the needed space, the absorption efficiency must be optimized.


RPG solved this problem by optimizing the absorption efficiency, using a unique internally damped membrane absorber that provides ideal absorption in the modal frequency range. Now you can absorb more bass in less space!

1000 x 1500 x 110

Fabric Choices:
Unit has a white perforated metal face as standard
Cara, Lucia or Expo Felt, for white fabric add £5 per linear metre for underliner
Other fabrics & printing available

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Integrated wall mounting or ceiling mounting system

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