Project Description

The Modex Edge is a dedicated, broadband, low frequency sound absorber designed to balance the modal distribution of small rooms such as studio control rooms and home theaters down to 20Hz. The damped chamber system is able to offer bass control over several octaves while not contributing to mid or high frequency absorption.

Select from industry standard and custom fabrics, fabrics with proof of performance acoustical data preferred. Natural wood framing is an option for a more finished unit.

Modex Edge is simply pushed into a corner and stacked up to 3 units tall. See details below under the Drawings tab.

Absorbor™ Panel
In many spaces, flat reflective surfaces can cause interfering reflections and excessive reverberation which can corrupt work environments, meeting and gathering areas, music quality and speech intelligibility to name a few. One approach to controlling noise, sound reflections and excess reverberation is to utilize decorative, lightweight, sound absorbing acoustical wall and ceiling panels. RPG Absorbor Panels consist of a porous absorbing core, typically a rigid fiberglass board with appropriate density for optimum performance, covered with a fabric choice. RPG’s SoundGem™ acoustical panel fabric comes in (92) colors; in addition there are hundreds of industry standards and custom fabrics to choose from. Panel edges are hardened and can be molded in a variety of profiles. RPG has developed a simple and reliable method of attachment which offers fixed or removable installation utilizing an impaling clip for walls, Z-bar for ceilings and embedding anchors for suspending in a ceiling cloud configuration.

Absorptive panels are used extensively in acoustical design to control noise, sound reflections and excess reverberation. In this product category, quality and ease of mounting are often problematic.

RPG offers complete, quality assured custom panel fabrication that provides a simple and reliable fixed or removable mounting.


  • Offers a cost effective, efficient sound absorption for reverberation control.
  • Available in custom sizes up to 10′ x 4′.
  • (92) Unique colors with RPG SoundGem™ acoustical panel fabric, or choose from industry standard and custom fabrics.
  • Edge termination options include 1/2″ chamfer, 1/2″ radius, full bevel, square and custom profiles.
  • Lightweight and easy to install with RPG’s impaling clip.
  • All components are Class A Fire Rated.
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