Project Description

Bad Expo

The Bad Expo panel system is the ultimate synergy of acoustical technology and architectural panel design. Utilising an optimal binary pattern of perforations through a Class 1 fire rated, FSC certified wood panel, the Expo™ achieves an excellent balance of sound absorption across the NRC frequency bands while preserving the ambience of the space with high frequency diffusion.

Visually stunning, RPG Bad Expo is an exposed-face BAD panel. It acts as a combination absorber and diffuser, offering diffusion over 1khz and increased absorption below.

Fabric is used behind the perforated face and can be chosen from our standard range of fabrics including Expo Felt, Lucia and Cara. We can source a wide range of veneers, please contact us for prices.

Available in sizes from 600 x 600 to 3000 x 1200 mm, the panels are supplied as a panel mask, for mounting by others, or as a framed unit, with a 25mm or 50mm backing frame.

Mounting thinner panels on deeper battens can increase performance further and help to control budgets.
A wide range of veneers are available, as well as colour-through MDF and painted finish options.

Expo™ Panel System 
Well balanced acoustical design contains an appropriate combination of absorption, reflection, and diffusion. In many applications, however, limited budget or available surface depth can preclude the use of sound diffusion products. If too much absorption is used, especially products that are efficient at absorbing sound in the high frequencies such as foam and fiber glass, it can lead to an acoustically “dead” environment without “air” or ambiance.
To solve this problem, RPG® integrated its BAD™ technology into a decorative, natural wood panel solution that achieves balance between sound absorption and reflection. By perforating a 65 mm thick, fire rated panel and backing with acoustical fleece and fibreglass, RPG has successfully created a surface that eliminates excessive high frequency absorption, prevents lobing effects inherent in common perforated surfaces and significantly improves mid and low frequency absorption.

RPG Expo™ Panels consist of a binary amplitude panel backed with an acoustical fleece and porous absorbing core, typically a rigid fiberglass board with appropriate density for optimum performance. Panel edges are veneered or painted and can be square, with a slight radius or mitered depending upon the requirements of the project. The panels can be mounted in a fixed or removable fashion utilizing z-bar for wall applications or with any of several suspended metal grids for ceiling accessibility.

Traditional absorptive wood panels offer reflection and reverberation control. However, these panels can also contribute undesirable acoustical effects based upon how they are perforated.

RPG® developed a decorative and innovative variable impedance wood panel by applying an acoustically optimized perforation pattern which eliminates lobing effects. RPG offers complete, quality assured custom panel fabrication that provides a simple and reliable fixed or removable mounting.


  • Offers a balanced acoustical signature for reverberation control while promoting a natural “ambient” acoustic environment in a millwork finish.
  • Available in custom sizes up to 3600 mm x 1200 mm.
  • Choose from any commercially available wood veneers, laminates or paint colours.
  • Decorative and easy to install with z-bar for wall mounting.
  • Choose from several ceiling grids for suspended ceiling mounting.
  • All components are Class A Fire Rated.

Veneers such as Oak, Maple, Beech, or RAL painted.

Cara, Lucia or Expo Felt for behind perforations included.

Standard Panel Dimensions: 200x100mm width (alternate lengths and widths are available) Thickness: 75mm

Leeds Credits:
MRc4, MRc5, MRc7 EQc4.2, EQc4.4,
Schools EQp3, Schools EQc9

Fire Rating:
Up to class 0

Mounting options include wall panel systems with a variety of cavity depths starting at 85 mm total system depth, as well as suspended ceilings including options for T-Bar, partial access and a complete access torsion spring system.