Absorbing Panels Sound can either be absorbed, reflected or diffused.  In many rooms, flat reflective surfaces can cause interfering reflections and excessive reverberation, which corrupts music quality, speech clarity and general hearing comfort.  One approach to controlling these reflections and excess reverberation time is to use absorptive panels. RPG have developed a simple [...]


Auditonis in Poland Custom made RPG QRD, each a slightly different size to follow the line of the auditorium, custom made ceiling panels, and a supply and install service, even in Poland! [...]


Surface Design Show 2016 Acoustic GRG once again displayed our usual vibrant display of acoustic panels. This year we were also delighted to showcase Lifeboard a new powder coating service for engineered wood. Our acoustic panel RPG Harmonix was featured in The Surface Spotlight feature at the [...]


Rebekah Hutchinson Fascinated by colour and texture, Rebekah Hutchinson creates bespoke wall coverings/ wall art. With a strong focus on energy and movement, her work expresses a sense of mindfulness, allowing people to slow down, free their minds and experience the present moment. Rebekah embraces the natural [...]


Anna Gravelle Anna is a Bristol based designer with a reputation for creating stylish and innovative fabrics and architectural surfaces using printed pattern and surface embellishment. Texture is at the heart of her design process with the aim of creating a beguiling and tactile experience within domestic [...]


WSDG Philippe Moritz Switzerland Control room and practice room and Cosmic Sound Germany Recording Studio fitted with RPG products.


Casa Da Musica Designed by Reme Koolhaas and OMA Architects, the QRD734 were manufactured from Pine boards of the clients specification, with folded wells for increased bandwidth with a shallower footprint. Many of the panels were made with cutouts while others had special metal paint finishes. [...]


Ibstock Place School Project: Ibstock Place School. Architect: BHM. Contractor: LifeBuild Solutions Ltd. Acoustic Products & Installation: Acoustic GRG. Photos: Adam Coupe Photography. A selection of our acoustic wood products were specified for the new development at Ibstock Place School and installed by our team. The new [...]


Private Home Cinema Private Home Cinema Acoustic design and manufacture of panels for this project, with custom acoustic fabrics, bespoke panel sizes and lots of design work! Acoustic products fitted: RPG Absorbers, RPG BAD Panels [...]