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Soundtrac Stretch Fabric Ceiling and Walls

At Acoustic GRG, we believe good acoustic and visual design should go hand in hand, as both provide a source of comfort and well-being. Soundtrac Stretch Fabric Wall and Ceiling allows not only for excellent acoustic performance but also for beautiful, bespoke finishes. Whether you are looking for an invisible, natural finish, or [...]

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Product: Omniffusor

Problem Factory made panels are only available in modules up to 1200mm wide, and with different system depths a covering system is required to produce a clean, smooth fabric wall covering. Solution Acoustic GRG supply and install a comprehensive Stretch Fabric System called Soundtrac, both for traditional wall systems and for technical fabric systems [...]

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Project: Winchester Arts

Project Name: City Gates Project Location: Ilford Products: Spigo Planks, Absorbing Panels, Ceiling Reflecters Churches, mosques, synagogues and other worship spaces can all benefit from better acoustic control. As part of our service, we can assist with the design and implementation of any panel system that is required to produce the best acoustics possible.  Church halls [...]

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