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Project Description

The DeAmp range.

DeAmp offers a low cost, effective absorbing panel which is transparent and suitable for use over glass for an attractive result in any space. The fibre free acoustic ceilings, walls and transparent window coverings are available in hard materials and provide an acoustic solution for customers with a desire for a clean, unaltered design, visual transparency, high acoustic performance and a healthier indoor environment.

Product Brand: DeAmp

Country of Manufacture: Norway

Products Available:

  • Deamp Microslit Acrylic Fibre-Free Absorbing panel
  • Deamp Microslit Aluminium Ceiling Tile
  • Deamp Microslit Box Absorber

DeAmp is the latest addition to our range of transparent absorbers. This Unique technology uses patented microslits to absorb sound. By putting these slits in transparent acrylic or PETG panels, a high level of visibility is retained.
Mid and low frequency absorption is provided as standard, though the amount can be varied by altering depth, slit length, slit density and pitch.

Options include coloured plastics and printed finishes. Lighting can be integrated into the units.
Mounting options are stand off mounts or suspension wires. Bass Box units mount directly and form a sealed cavity either with a C channel or as a moulded box.

Other sizes available.

Various sizes to order
Coloured and frosted finishes also available

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Wire tension system
Standoff Mounts
Bass Box

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