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Overview Hemiffusor is the first two-dimensional QRD - ideal for Home Theatres and Project Studios. Conventional acoustic treatments have relied on absorption for reflection control. Unfortunately, this can "deaden" the room and result in making it unsuitable for speech and music. Diffusive ceilings are one of the most effective ways to [...]

Modex Plate & Broadband


Modex is the RPG range of dedicated Bass Traps and panels. RPG Modex Plate and Broadband are high efficiency bass traps, designed to perform even with a shallow wall profile. Plate operates from 50hz—500hz Plate type 2 operates 35hz—500hz Broadband operates 50hz—5000hz Modex is available as white units as standard. Furthermore, [...]

Modex Module & Corner


The Modex Module & Corner is a low frequency membrane sound absorber. Designed to fine tune the modal distribution in small rooms such as a studio control or music listening room. Because of this requirement, the tuning frequencies available for Modex Module are 40, 50, 63, 80, 100 and 125Hz. [...]



Overview RPG Biffusor is a variable acoustic device, reversible so one side is a standard QRD while the other integrates some fabric absorbing panels into the wells. Many custom options are available for finishes, as a result please enquire for additional information. In contrast, an alternative model of a QRD face and a [...]

Absorber Disc


Absorber Disc  Overview Absorber Disc is a fabric wrapped, fibreglass acoustical panel, providing you with the most economical solution for general reflection and reverberation control. Above all, the it allows for functionality for a wide variety of applications. The Absorber Disc is a rigid fibreglass board with hardened, [...]



CE Wood is a traditional construction, design and acoustic panel manufactured using just wood and cement. Ideal High Impact solution



Planarform Overview The Planarform Reflector is used in auditoriums to blend the direct and reflected sound to increase intelligibility and/or enhance musical clarity and intimacy. The Planarform Reflector is a recycled, Class 0 fire rated, FSC certified, ULEF unit. When absorptive material is placed into the rear cavity of the assembled unit, significant [...]



Diviewser Overview RPG Diviewser is the name for the 2 different types of transparent diffusors, the Omniffusor and the QRD. These units can be used in areas where vision is still required but acoustic control is necessary. The QRD® has become a classic shape in architectural acoustics, from its [...]

Skyline LP


Skyline LP Overview The Skyline LP has been designed to offer efficient scattering in situations where available wall depth is limited.  In 100 mm maximum depth the Skyline LP scatters incident sound uniformly so that the acoustic glare in all directions is minimised.  No other diffuser on the market can claim equal performance at [...]



Skyline Overview Interfering reflections can be controlled by absorption or diffusion. In small rooms, it is often desirable to control interfering reflections and provide an ambient sound field using diffusion instead of absorption. When the room’s surfaces are relatively close to the listener, a very efficient diffusing surface is needed. To solve this [...]